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Universal Design for the Man Cave

  • Posted by Array Design Studio
  • On June 1, 2018

The key to a successful man cave is to not have it look like your basement where you put your ugly sofa and that ping pong table you made out of plywood you found one drunken night in college. It definitely needs to be a space that you can be yourself in and find relief from the rest of your world. Think of it as a personal space where you can surround yourself with memories and your favorite things.


Focus on the layout and how it is that you want to use your space, listed below…

  1. Entertaining room – Movie night, after golf retreat, Friday night dance off, family fun nights, friends gatherings
  2. Game room – card playing, board games, darts, shuffle board, bowling machine, pinball
  3. Creative room – music booth, sound room, art room, reading, workshop, etc
  4. Memorabilia theme – sports, awards, certificates of completion school, special achievements, trophies, collections/collectables (Star Wars, action figures, etc.)
  5. Heritage theme – Irish, German etc.  bottles of beer from around the world, photos from travels, etc.

A theme helps guide you to create the perfect use of your man cave so it doesn’t get too cluttered and it doesn’t become more of a catch all room that typically just ends up in a mess. Let it truly be a motivational area even if it is a calming think tank or a Zen area of relaxation or the all-out entertaining space.


The design elements that you use should be simple and easy to clean. Include basic living features that you would want in the room, such as a bathroom with a shower, little bar area with a small bar sink and mini refrigerator, liquor or wine storage, place for food and snacks, serving area, and any convenience that you can think of that you don’t have to run up and down the stairs to get. Who wants to be in the middle of watching the Cavs killing it and then have to go upstairs to use the bathroom? Nooo one. You want all your needs at your fingertips.


For the flooring, LVP Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring is a great application on a concrete surface. It’s water proof and very durable with a great look that allows you to use it throughout the entire space. Try to stick with furniture and book shelving that is movable and not permanently fastened to the floor or walls, this way you can rearrange your space as your needs change.


Keeping the atmosphere simple, for example, the wall color mild and the same color as the ceiling, allows your space to take on different functions with simple changes to the special pieces like area rugs, art work, chairs, tables, floor lamps and table lamps etc. Think about how best to keep your room organized and clear of clutter, and easy to clean. Creative storage or example can be a great attribute to accomplish this such as ottomans with storage, tables with storage, creates, baskets, decorative boxes…you get the idea.


Your room should be a reflection of you. A happy, joyful space for you to share anyway you choose, just for yourself.



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