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Universal Design in the Guest Bedroom

  • Posted by Lindsey Mineff
  • On August 29, 2018

Let’s talk about universal design in the guest bedroom. We want the guest bedroom to feel extremely welcoming. Think of the style you’re going for as a boutique hotel. Very simple but accommodating. It’s like a hotel room and you’re the hotel concierge; have a bit of knowledge of the events or activities that are taking place around the city.

Lighting and Furniture

Things like having good lighting so your guest can read in bed or do some computer work with their laptop and having a desk is always a great consideration. The lighting should be something that’s fun, but be practical, for example an overhead lamp above the bed with a ceiling fan movement of air is always a good thing. You want to include usable items in the room like a soft chair with the light fixture. Set it up like a bedroom but also with the conveniences of seating, like a boutique hotel.

Colors and Flooring

The coloration in this room should definitely be soothing. Stick with your blues, greens and warm grays. Keep in mind, these people are going to be a guest in your home, so they’re not going treat it exactly how you would. That said, the flooring should be something that’s durable and washable. LVP luxury vinyl plank flooring is always a great consideration and you can put an area rug over it to give it that homey feeling.

Special Pieces

The artwork should be something not too personal more scenic and simple. A nightstand that can provide a selection of magazines or books and a place to put a drink is a nice touch. Sometimes incorporating a mini refrigerator in the space is a great idea. That way they don’t have to feel uncomfortable going into the kitchen to get something refreshing throughout the night. You always want to make it as comfortable as possible so your guests don’t feel awkward and having to ask you for multiple items.

Add Amenities

The TV, though not always watched daily, it should be available. Mounting it on the wall is easiest so that you have it in the room without taking up too much space. If you do have the ability this room should have an access to the outdoors so they don’t have to go through the entire house and disrupt anybody if they are coming and going freely. Other conveniences would be a foot stool to sit on to take shoes off or on or put their luggage on. It’s great if your guests haves access to a private bathroom.


A guest bedroom can have many purposes. It doesn’t need to be only used for guests. You could put a Murphy bed in there and use the space as your office when you don’t have guests for example? Don’t be afraid to use it for more than one function. It should be a room that you have the ability to use all year round. You want your guests to enjoy their stay and their journey while they’re at your home, but make sure you’re not sacrificing prime real estate to do that.


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