Universal Design in the Garage

  • Posted by Array Design Studio
  • On April 19, 2018

The Garage takes up some of our most valuable Realestate. It can also serve us in many different ways, workshop for tools and projects, potting/gardening. It can even be created into a little home-away-from-home get away when you just need a break.

If you’re creating a mini get away, you can include a mini frig for cool evening cocktail to sip around some comfy seating. If you’re looking to entertain, easy, you can create a pass through bar space out the back end of the garage that goes out to a patio for entertaining or just relaxing.

The flooring of the garage tends to be a key to the usage of the entire space.  There are many different options for the floor, polished colored concert, nature stone, poly coatings, rubber etc. You’ll want something that’s durable and can last.

Having a side door for in and out of the garage usually is very helpful depending on how you’re using the space, but good access is vital. If you use your garage as storage for large machinery such as riding lawn mowers, 4 wheelers, routers etc. you may consider a barn door out the back with a ramp for easy access. Windows are a safety issue often so try to keep the doors and access solid and lockable.

You’ll definitely want to include hot and cold water, a sink/washbasin, electrical sources (cars, power tools, electric heaters, etc.) heating source, a well laid out storage space and work areas. And of course have good drainage both interior and exterior for cleaning the car, machines or just cleaning out containers or potting needs.

Don’t be afraid to be creative with the lighting inside and outside. Great opportunity to drape lighting in a fun playful pattern starting at the garage and going into the yard. Exterior lighting comes in complimentary matching styles and sizes so use the large lighting options and swing for the single motion censored light, which is always a good idea.

One last fun idea, if your garage is not attached it is a great opportunity to create a cool breezeway joining the house and garage with a unique covering, like an arbor or shed roof passage.  Treat your garage like an extension of your living space, with the amazing idea of multi functional storage not just for the car anymore. The only real “rule” is to have your garage exterior compliment the house regardless if it’s attached to the house or not.


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