Universal Design for your In Home Office

  • Posted by Array Design Studio
  • On April 30, 2018

Let’s talk about Universal Design in the Home Office. I find that when I’m remodelling or putting on an addition in a home, people ask for a working space to set aside from their regular home life. Recognising that you need that space, is a really important part to the design process.

The Space

An office space, work space or private space, doesn’t need to be in its own room with closed doors. It’s really just what you make of it. For example, it can be in the corner of a bedroom, in the living area, family room, spare bedroom or in the kitchen. It simply needs to be in an area with a charging station, give it a locked storage space for your documents and you’re all set.

Real Example

A great real-life example of this, is a client I recently had who turned her formal living room into both a playroom and an office. This allowed her to be able to adjust the room as her children grow older. We simply added a desk, where she put her computer and printer and a few book shelves that housed baskets of toys among her copy paper and files. This way, as her children are older she can add another desk for them and alter the usage of the bookcases. The room is open at the entry and dining room, but down the road she could add French doors, with or without glass, when she is ready to have a separated area for anyone to work or study in. We also added one soft seating chair for quite time at any age, again allowing the room to change as her needs do.


The most important design element when designing the office space is to make sure it reflects personal and functional needs.



When creating and setting your space up make sure it’s also your up to date functional technology area. There are so many great ways to create convenience such as USB outlets, surge protectors, cord fasteners…. it can turn into a real ugly mess if cords are dangling all over and not addressed well. Insider secret: hotels hide the outlets and USB ports in the lamp fixtures, very practical. There are more and more ideas everyday it seems. It’s good to keep thinking about the future for example, prewiring for the future, regardless if you don’t use it now. This will give you access to it for when you are ready or technology catches up, and you won’t have to tear up the walls again.


Speaking of wiring, wireless is awesome these days but making sure the information is located and received in the same space is ideal for anyone that’s ever walked around holding their laptop in the air hoping for a signal. When it’s all in the same room, it’s much more organized and convenient, for your computer, your phone and your printer.


Another simple element that can be frustrating if not thought about, is the desk chair. Wheels or no wheels it needs to move easily over the desk floor area. You can use tight loop carpeting or a plastic mat, which is great. The personal touch can be your children’s or grandchildren’s artwork, your personal awards and achievements, memories of a special place or event, photos, whatever it is that puts you in your “happy place.” This space should reflect the emotional part of what you use it for, if it’s for work = stimulating, study= comfort, meditation= serene, Household= Relaxing. This is all done by the color of the walls and the flooring surface, soft or hard.

Getting the depth and dimension can be done with the window treatments or blinds. Window Treatments, Soften the edges create warmth and Comfort. Blinds, create a function and professional studious atmosphere. Carpeting creates warmth, comfort, relaxation and hard floor surfaces creates stimulation, business atmospheres.


The overall trick to designing the home office space is staying true to its purpose for you personally. You want to make sure you have an open game plan to make adjustments to the space with very little effort as you expand and alter your needs in the future.

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