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Universal Design for the She Room

  • Posted by Array Design Studio
  • On June 13, 2018

Universal Design for the She Room

It is in our nature to take care of everyone first. Our family, our friends, our volunteer groups, our careers and those we work for and with. The “She Room” is a space all to ourselves, no matter how big or small it is, we need a private retreat. This space is part of all the aspects of our well being. It should allow us to tap into a renewed energy so that we can go back out into the world feeling refreshed.


When creating this space think about what it is that rejuvenates you and inspires you to get ready for your next adventure in life!  Color is going to be your starting place and guide you through your ultimate outcome. Come up with a color pallet of 3-5 colors that represent the emotional feeling you want to create. Blues: serene, soothing, refreshing.  Greens: earthy, inviting, calming, natural.  Reds: exciting, energizing, get up and go. Yellows: happy, fun, entertaining, adventurous. Grays/blacks/Whites: task oriented, defined, Clarifying, game plan time.

Vision Board

Your surroundings should be personal, good thoughts, not the past, keep it in the future. A vision board would be great in this space! What’s a vision board? Remember in high school making collages from your favorite magazines of dreamy boys, to-die-for clothes, and your fav bands? A vision board’s an adult version of that. It’s images of places you want to go, the future home you want, women you aspire to be like… what ever gives you motivation to keep going and be excited for the future! It works! Start your day by looking at your vision board and actually visualise yourself being on that island, sipping martinis or sitting in your top floor office in NYC. If the vision board isn’t your thing, you can also fill your space with memories of achievements or beautiful inspiring experiences. Simple, meaningful accessories will keep you in the motivational happy place.

What it could be

This wonderful space should help you have the courage to learn and express yourself in a joyful, playful way. Include an area that allows you the freedom to be your true self. You may love reading, TRX (doesn’t take up much room but allows you to have a great exercising experience) drawing, watching funny Movies, art, crafts, baking yummy goodies, playing games, listening to loud 80’s music, meditating…. Make the most out of the space, hang things from the ceiling, off the walls.


Lastly, include something living, even if it is an air plant you don’t have to water (cactus, succulents & ferns aren’t much work).  Area rugs are also a great way to add art to your space and of course give a special little comfy feeling under your feet. Keep your space dimensional, ergonomics is a great entry level here. Hint, adding furniture or accessories with spirals, can have a calming effect. Make everything count, have it mean something to you. Keep in mind that this space will change over time as you grow and move forward on your journey of life.


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