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Array Design Studio is located in Cleveland, Ohio and has designed projects throughout the Midwest


Laura Mineff offers workshops and seminars, which will allow you incorporate Universal Design in your daily living and working space.

Surroundings & Self-Image

This session will teach participants simple techniques and strategies to improve the space around them, and influence how they view external components (including how they look at themselves).

Stress & Surroundings (Part I)

Consider aspects of your living and workspace and how this affects your stress level. Discuss daily set-up strategies and ways to prepare for the day with gratitude. Learn simple ways to positively influence your commute. And explore concepts of Universal Design in your home and work for a more inviting space.

Stress & Surroundings (Part II)

Build on a variety of tips to enhance your environment. Consider dress and image and the impact on how your choices make you feel. Discuss ways to key up your space to promote physical well-being

Communications – Bridging the Gap with all Ages

As you design for the well being of your persona in the workplace and home, you need to design effective communications with all age groups.  Laura will give insights and tips on how to get past the headphones that block people out to engage individuals for rich and meaningful dialogue. Expect to examine your communications style and take part in exercises and body language sensitivity during this session.

Universal Design and Occupational Therapy

As we age, there has to be consideration on how the body changes and how our environments can adapt to have an oasis that works with our challenges and not against them. In this session, Laura will give examples of subtle changes in your home and office through Universal Design that can also utilize concepts of OT to make your life robust and rich.

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