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  • Posted by Lindsey Mineff
  • On November 1, 2018

Let’s talk about Universal Design during the holidays. The silly season is upon us! What’s that you ask? It’s an expression used in Australia that feels appropriate to use in The US as well. It’s that trifecta of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. When emotions are running high…and low. It’s a lot to take on and you want to try and make it all works! In order to create a stress-free holiday season, you want to start the right way. To do that, you want to prepare your home best you can.

Smooth transitions are key. The holidays seem to go by so fast, that it’s maybe even best if you can have décor that can last through two, by combining for example, Halloween with Thanksgiving. As Halloween kicks off, it’s a great opportunity to really set the tone and get some little touches that you can easily change.

Easy outdoors

At the front of your house, put up corn stocks and gourds in planters. They’re both Halloween and Thanksgiving. Then come Christmas/winter, put in some twigs, greenery and twinkle lights – maybe some bulbs if you’re so inclined.

Indoors decor

Twinkle lights always feel magical. Put them on the handrail, posts and entryways mixed in with some fall leaves and then into greenery, which you can actually get fresh typically wherever trees are sold and they make your whole home smell AMAZING!

Generally speaking, keep in mind that fall leaves with bright colors added to pillows, window treatments or candles are a great way to transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving. In winter, change them out for wonderful whites and greens which can represent the whole theme of the holiday and will cover you all the way into January.

Other bits and bobs to do are putting out some glass bowls. They can hold candy for Halloween, gourds for Thanksgiving and pinecones with greenery for Christmas/winter. Keep in mind the smells throughout the house. Smells help trigger memories! Whenever I smell pine I remember running through the pine trees as a kid, picking out my favourite to bring home. And then there’s music, which of course always puts people in good cheer!


When you’re thinking about how you’ll be rearranging the furniture for guests and friends, also be keeping in mind what they’ll be looking at from their point of view. Keep cheeky little pumpkins or bits of fun greens in their view to keep the magic alive.

Adding themed pillows and blankets to things that we use daily are a great way to change out the atmosphere without re-doing anything dramatic and time consuming. Having extra blankets and pillows around are always welcomed in these chilly months.


If you have a fireplace, this is a wonderful time to accentuate it! If you don’t, not to fret, there are still many ways to achieve that same warm feeling. You can actually buy fireplaces that you can simply hang on the wall. They come with biochemical free filled trays with flames or there are electric ones as well. If that’s not your thing, you could always just put up a scene on your TV that can look like it has a fireplace. Free and easy!

Wall Art

You can easily change out any of your current art, for seasonal art. The nails are already there so no need to be adding more holes in the wall. For example, we always bring out a beautifully painted image that one of my children chose many many yeas ago of a weathered Santa standing by the fireplace. Every year he comes out and is hung for all to see, it truly feels like Christmas is here. Whatever artwork you choose, make sure it’s one you want to keep for a long time. They’ll start to hold memories for you and your kids (big and small).


However it is you celebrate these three months, remember to enjoy the adventure of it all. These moments and memories are priceless. Go on those field trips to pick out pumpkins and run through the haystacks with your grandkids. Put up the Christmas tree and have them help hang the bulbs. Have a cookie party with your big kids followed by tree trimming and story time in the evening.

Happiest holidays to everyone! Cheers to making new memories and recalling the ones in the past with joy. Whatever it is you do to celebrate.



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