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Winter Market – Inspiring Takeaways from Las Vegas

  • Posted by Array Design Studio
  • On March 27, 2017
  • Array Design Studio, Markets

Earlier this year I made my semi-annual trek to Las Vegas for “Winter Market.” Las Vegas Market, if you aren’t aware, is the most comprehensive wholesale tradeshow for the furniture, home décor and gift industries in the United States, featuring a unique cross-section of more than 2,700 resources in an accommodating and unrivaled market destination.

I was energized with the increase that was evident in this year’s attendance and vendor participation, which was at an all-time high. It was encouraging not only from the perspective of the economy, but also in the “system,” which relies on new products that are launched prior to being introduced mainstream.

Inspirations, versatility and artistic motifs

Throughout the inspiring, exciting and exhausting week, I was exposed to a plethora of new products and inspirations. Vendors are listening to what people are seeking. For an example, I didn’t see many traditional dining room displays (since dining rooms have grown out of favor), but instead I saw attention-grabbing community tables, high tops and collapsible or movable butcher block tables that easily fit into apartments and condos.

I discovered more and more versatile and artistic motifs. Companies are truly “getting out of the box” and making major changes in their design concepts. Vendors are getting away from the mold of “traditional,” “contemporary” and “transitional,” and finding a mix that is more unique and personal for clients and their projects.

Renewable/repurposing continues to be a theme

Universally I saw manufacturers embracing the renewable/repurposing trend with everything from reclaimed wood and repurposed furniture to reconditioned fabrics and recycled objects. All had a shared goal of keeping the local U.S. economy thriving with minimal impact on the environment.

A few vendors stood out were:

Dogberry Door MarketDogberry Collections, a manufacturer of decorative barn doors that transform real wood with modern designs into timeless pieces that will be the center of attention in any room.
Gaucho Sheep & Leather Products, a manufacturer of cowhide and sheepskin home décor and gift products with a commitment to quality, displayed beautiful rugs, pillows and coverings.

Luna Bella, has established a reputation for creating singular designs mixing classical and artful to produce in the U.S., by hand, unique furniture, lamps, accessories and fabrics.
I will be returning to Las Vegas in August for “Summer Market” to bring back additional treasures that fit the individual personality and décor of my clients to help them achieve a truly unique environment.

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